Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cold Fingers

I have a paper due Wednesday on NAFTA, immigration, and women. Fascinating, I know, because I chose the topic. I also chose the topic thinking there would be tons written about it, and research would be easy. For whatever reason, it's not being easy. I don't know if it's because the information is not readily available, if I'm looking in the wrong places, or if I just gave up way too soon (quite likely). All I want to do is curl up with a blanket and watch Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Also, my fingers are cold which makes it hard to type.

Roommate drama is happening. It seems to me that drinking in excess always leads to bad things happening. Why do people keep doing it?

There's an open house going on right now. Our landlords are selling the house, so there are have 1-2 open houses almost every week for a couple months now. It's kind of weird and awkward, but at least it pushes us to clean our house more often. They think it'll take a while to sell (hasn't sold yet!), but when it does, if the new owners don't want to keep us as tenants, they could kick us out. Fortunately, they'll have to give us 90 days, and I think they can't kick us out until we've found "comparable housing." If we did have to leave, though, it would be very hard to find a place that wouldn't make us sign a year-long lease, and we would never find a place this cheap and convenient. Hopefully they'll let us stay through May. Or the house won't sell. The open houses are kind of annoying though.

I have this NAFTA/immigration/women paper due Wednesday (approx. 10 pages, have just started to research). I have a final exam for Global Economic Justice on the 11th (I'm very behind in the reading, but I did skim it all). I have a postmodernist critique of some new media thing (I'll probably do blogging of Facebook or something -- I'm not sure, though, since I haven't done that reading either) due by the 13th. And finally, my MySpace and gender project is due the 13th. That's about 30 pages, plus a test, in the next week and a half. Which is why I should be researching my paper right now.

My dad sent me an article on procrastination. My response: "I'll read it later."

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