Thursday, January 31, 2008

... and more procrastination

I still have this problem where I have an urge to blog whenever I have an essay to write. Of course, when there's something I should be blogging about, I can't seem to make the time. But when I definitely don't have the time, I blog anyway. So aquĆ­ estoy, procrastinating like crazy. Here's something worthwhile to share with the world:
"A market system of control limits free expression by market processes that are highly effective. Dissident ideas are not legally banned, they are simply unable to reach mass audiences, which are monopolised by large profit-seeking corporations that offer programmes supported by advertising, from which dissent is quietly and unobtrusively filtered out." (Herman, quoted in Thussu - my citation sucks, but I really don't feel like pulling out my book right now.)
My friends are talking about resumes and jobs and things, and I'm getting freaked out. I don't feel competent enough to be a full-blown grown-up. I can't even write a 3-4 page paper summarizing reading!

Here is Fred Astaire dancing to SexyBack. And here is a clip from the British Office.

Things to write about soon:
-My Digital Literacy class (and my other classes)
-The net neutrality symposium I attended last Saturday