Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Two classes down, two to go. My final today went pretty well, especially considering how little I studied. We'll see if my professor can read my horrifying handwriting. I think I at least got all the multiple choice and true/false right. My first essay was pretty good, I think, second was okay, third was very poorly organized, but I think I conveyed the important points.

I'm working on my MySpace paper, but MySpace slows down Firefox so much, it's annoying. It doesn't help that I have ten profiles open right now. Heh.

My goal for next semester: Not have to pull a single all-nighter.

My goal for today: finish this paper by 3 a.m.

What I think is more likely: finish most of this paper by 9 a.m.

Then I have to finish my other paper. How does this happen? It's not entirely poor time management, but I should have spent way less time in front of the TV. Media has such a grasp on our lives! Good thing it's my major.

Also, I'm going to Peru next May and I'm excited. :-) I'm just sad that I'll probably be missing graduation parties, but whatever. It's Peru.

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