Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jesus loves me, this I know...

... for the Bible tells me so.

This evening I watched an excellent documentary (part of the Human Rights Film Night at USF) about homosexuality, Christianity, and the Bible, called For the Bible Tells Me So.

A few points taken:

-The Bible needs to be interpreted with an understanding of its context, not completely literally. If you take it literally, you'd better be sure you don't eat shrimp or pork and that you've given away all your material possessions to the poor (actually, those sound like pretty good ideas to me...).

-The Biblical arguments against homosexuality are pretty weak and can easily be interpreted differently or attributed to the historical context (i.e. not a message from God).

-Homosexuality Homophobia is deeply linked to misogyny. People can't handle men putting themselves in the position of women, "lowering" themselves to that level. (Update note: I wrote homosexuality the first time because I was not paying attention. My apologies.)

-The Christian call is to love.

This also gives me an excellent excuse to attempt to embed a YouTube video. Here's the trailer:


Mary said...

Homosexuality is deeply linked to misogyny.

Erm. "Homophobia," perhaps?

I'm really bummed that I missed seeing that documentary when it was shown at church.

Tonight en nuestra casa we watched an episode of 30 Days where this straight dude from Michigan came to San Francisco and lived with a gay guy for 30 days. It was really awesome. They were friends by the end of it and it was really sweet.

Anyway, there were a lot of parts in the episode that talked about Christianity (because Straight Dude's whole PROBLEM with homosexuality was that the Bible said it was wrong). He went to this gay church and talked to the pastor (a lady pastor! I know, I know, what will they think of next) and he was not really convinced by the end, but he definitely was a lot more open-minded about things and realized that some gay people are really cool.

They also showed that *!@*$&@*@# dude Phelps, who--to tie this into your last post, about texting--should DIAF, IMO, and it made me sick seeing him influencing all these CHILDREN around him, carrying their "God hates fags" signs at three years old.

Also, speaking of misogyny, I had a conversation in Spanish class today (erm, technically during the break) about how terrible it is that dollar coins have MADISON on them now, as if we DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MEN represented on our CURRENCY as it IS. I think it really sucks that the one monetary place we used to showcase cool women has now been taken over by men. I miss Susan B. Anthony. :-(

Amber said...

Oh no! I definitely meant to write homophobia, not homosexuality. Eek.

Regarding what Phelps should do, I had to look up DIAF to confirm my contextual guess of the meaning (I was right). I'm getting old or something.

I did not know that Madison is on the dollar coin now!!! Who cares about Madison? Madison did not get me the right to vote! What we really need to do is put a woman on money that people actually use.

Mary said...

DIAF gets used pretty frequently at ONTD. As do GTFO and STFD. Good things to know.

Yeah, this girl in my class used a $20 bill in the vending machine at school, and it gave her 19 dollar coins in change. Hahaha. She was like, HERE, feel how HEAVY this is, and handed me her change purse.

(Actually, the best part was, she was looking at the coin, and she said, "Madison? Who the hell is that, anyway??" And I was like, "Erm... he was the... third? fourth? President. WHO CARES, THOUGH, RIGHT, HE'S A MAN. UGH." Haha.)

(Not that I hate men. Just when they're on dollar coins.)

She was totally feeling me on the feminist rage.