Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Story of the Sad Snowman

Sometime last year I was sitting in my living room at home with my sister, and she told me to tell her a story. Here it is, with illustrations:

Once upon a time there was a snowman. This snowman was very unhappy with himself.

He had a serious problem: he didn't like to be cold. He began to engage in very self-destructive behaviors like smoking and standing next to fires.

Eventually his friends intervened and made him go see a counselor. Through these sessions he determined that he did not identify as a snowman, so he had reconstructive surgery and became a scarecrow. From then on he spent his days happily in the sun with his arms outstretched.

The end.


Mary said...

*gasp* AMAZING.

Ivan Chew said...

Digital storytelling! Nice. And this could be a meme! e.g. follow the first picture and see what other ways there might be to tell the story (you may want to set a limit to the no. of pictures per story).