Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I am exhausted and unmotivated. I want to go back to El Salvador. I do not want to write about psychoanalysis because I don't get it and it's weird. I also don't want to have to do all the other things I have to do in the next few weeks. And even when I'm done I'll be freaked out by the fact that I'll only have one semester left.

Tomorrow is a Digital Literacy Taskforce meeting. I always enjoy those, enough to sacrifice that bit of sleep. I'll have to leave a bit early to go to work, but it's all right.

So, I had dinner with Fr. Privett, the other ACEs, and the Public Service Honors minors. That was fun. I was expecting the non-ACEs to have questions prepared for Fr. Privett, but they definitely appeared to have nothing, and it seemed like the conversation was carried most by the ACEs. Yay for us. I wish people had challenged Privett more, but I kept expecting the Public Service people to do it, and they didn't. I liked almost all of what he said. I usually do. His words are wonderful, but sometimes his actions aren't so great.

Now I'm falling asleep, and I have so much to do!

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