Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Update

I'm sorry I haven't posted more recently - I've written a couple entries that I never got a chance to post. I just wanted to write a quick update about Hurricane Ike. As of now, it looks like we won't be evacuating. There are set zones from the coast to Houston, and Zones A and B are evacuating, and I live in Zone C. There's still a possibility, but for now I think we'll be "hunkering down," as the Harris County Judge recommended this morning. If we do evacuate, we'll drive to San Antonio and stay with the JVs there. In the meantime, we're going to buy some extra food and water this evening. It sounds likely that the power will go out, but that's what books, board games, and conversation are for. :-)

Please pray for people in this area, especially closest the coast.


Sue said...

Don't forget batteries and candles, Amber! And chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate! Stay safe, Amber!

Sara said...

...that's what books, board games, and conversation are for.

Lol. Quite true! Stay safe and dry and warm and housed.